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Many of us have a strong connection to the creek. I grew up on the creek, only 1/2 mile from here and spend at least a few minutes every day observing the beauty of this place. We believe everyone deserves to enjoy this beauty too, all while preserving the Elkhorn for future generations. 



The Church of the Elkhorn was inspired by Scott Robinson and Richard Taylor. 

We believe nature and art are spiritual experiences and welcome paddlers, nature lovers, musicians, artists and dancing! Love is our faith and cultivating community is our mission.

We welcome any kind of cultural music and events at the Church of the Elkhorn. If you'd like to play, please let us know!




Cultivating community with love and spiritual experiences are the root of what we do.


At AMA, we have a dream to help preserve the Elkhorn Creek. We commit to preservation efforts to eliminate invasive species, promote native species, eliminate litter, and support bank restoration projects.  AMA is Cherokee for water - water is life and is the center of AMA.


Ama on the Creek is a church for art and wellness collective - bringing music, art and dancing, kayak access, gathering spaces and wellness to our community. Ama on the Creek is located right on the Elkhorn Creek in the Forks of Elkhorn in the former Buck Run Baptist Church historic chapel, which is now on the historic register as Chapel in the Forks. We provide intimate experiences for cultural music and other art forms and kayak access as Ama on the Creek Church of the Elkhorn.


The Elkhorn Creek is a special place that you must experience to understand. It is a place where you can come to unwind and forget about all the craziness in our world, enjoy time with family and friends and get a healthy dose of nature's finest.  Our family is fortunate enough to be able to live on the Elkhorn and enjoy it daily.  Growing up wading in the creek, catching tadpoles and crawdads, and connecting to natural places have inspired our life's work. We understand the power of the mighty Elkhorn and find peace in its presence and know you will too. Let's be neighbors and enjoy and preserve the creek together.

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